Causes of Foundation Issues

Tree/Landscaping Shrubs

A lot of landscaping designs include huge trees or shrubs next to the foundation of your home. Even though the landscaping looks amazing next to your residential property, if your landscaping is not correctly watered over time, the shrubs and trees will steal some moisture around the soils of your foundation. As a matter of fact, in times of drought or minimal rain, landscaping shrubs and trees significantly compound lack of moisture and can accelerate foundation settlement or shrinking problems as well. Therefore, you should always water your landscaping shrubs and trees even in wet weather conditions in order to keep the moisture content of the ground around your residential property at its normal level.

Expansive Soil

The most usual reason for a failed foundation is because of foundation settlement. Settlement happens when the soil around the foundation dries out during hot weather conditions or in times of drought, where there’s a minimal amount of water available. The soil basically shrinks and is no longer able to hold the foundation up. In addition to that, the soil beneath your foundation does not shrink evenly and that causes soft areas below your home’s foundation and also, allows it to crack or break, and settle.

Plumbing Leaks

In some instances, plumbing leaks under your residential property can have a negative impact on the soil surrounding your foundation because there is an erosion or washing out effect which usually happens when water is consistently moving around or beneath your foundation. When the soil starts to erode, it can no longer hold the weight of your house up and settlement of your foundation occurs.

Poor Drainage

Houses which have inefficient or clogged gutters, most of the times, have foundation issues as well, other than foundation settlement. A lot of times when your home has a poor outdoor drainage system, moisture and water accumulates in the soil surrounding your house and makes the soil heavy which has enough weight to push the basement walls as well as create horizontal cracks or crevices in the basement walls. Unluckily, once your foundation walls have been compromised or cracked, addressing the drainage issue is only a part of the foundation repair. The cracks should also be addressed to keep the future water out of your basement.

Poor Compaction

During the time that your house had been built, soil might have been placed to increase the elevation of your property. If the soil isn’t compacted properly during the process of installation or construction, future foundation settlement can happen because the soils surrounding your foundation naturally settle beneath your home’s foundation.

Hire a Professional Foundation Rescue Team to Handle Your Foundation Problems

Of course, it is very possible for landscaping to cause an impact to your foundation – if they were installed the wrong way. If you think that your landscape is the sole cause of the deterioration of your foundation, then you should not hesitate to contact a professional and highly reputable foundation rescue team such as Denver foundation repair company to handle all of your foundation issues.