5 Guidelines to Taste Beer Properly

Sometimes, in order for you to appreciate all the things beer can offer is to do a bit more apart from solely drinking it. Today, we will be discussing the steps you need to take to maximize your beer drinking experience. Here are the following:


After you pour your beer in an appropriate glass, try to observe the look and color of the beer. Try holding it up to properly read about how it looks. What colors do you observe? How well can you see through your beer? Though these things do not really affect too much when it comes to the taste of your beer, they do play a part in the total beer experience.

Swirl and smell

Agitate the beer by gently swirling it around the glass. Then, stir it up to create some foam. Position your nose just enough for you to smell the beer and inhale it. What do you smell? Is it sweet? Hoppy? What other scents and flavors do you remember while sniffing it? Even if we do not realize it always, the smell actually serves a major part in what we believe as taste. You can guarantee that you will be having as much flavor as soon as you taste it once you take your time smelling your beer first before drinking it.


Once you try taking a sip, attempt to inhale some air via your mouth in a nearly slurping manner. This enables the air to combine with your beer, which can help to agitate it even more and guarantee that the flavors are of the best quality.

Swish and savor

Try moving the bear all over your mouth and know how it feels. Is it watery and thin or viscous and sweet? Similar to other things, there are possibilities that it will be some sort of a mixture between the two. Observe the different tastes that reach your palate. What do you initially observe and what do you observe after that? You can tell that it’s a great beer if it doesn’t have just one flavor but it has multiple sensations and tastes that’ll be manifested in your mouth.


Dissimilar to wines, where you can entirely taste them without swallowing, beer should be gulped down in order for you to fully appreciate it. The tongue’s very back part is the best among others when it comes to detecting bitter flavors. So, swallowing the beer is the only way for you to get at it. This way, the beer will reach the back part of your tongue while it flows down your throat.

Although you don’t really need to do all of these steps every time you drink beer, you can definitely try these tips if you are searching for ways to really get to know and appreciate a beer that you might not be familiar with. Adhering to the steps we provided will guarantee that you will have the greatest beer experience as possible. So, order beers now at our online liquor store and we will have all of your orders delivered at your home.